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Entering Turkish market may represent a myriad of challenges for foreign companies. Local law, business etiquette and cultural differences are areas foreign entities need to master in order to be successful in their new endeavor. In order to build a successful business in Turkey, executives need to refer to the right sources of information. 

Any foreign business operating in Turkey has to comply with the Turkish labor law. Even for Turkish companies, expert knowledge is critical to stay up-to-date and comply with all the labor law requirements. Foreign companies entering the Turkish market need to be even more closely following the Turkish labor law on matters around expat management.

When it comes to labor law and payroll in Turkey, there are three highly recommended online platforms that you can rely on as a foreign company.

Is Kanunu – Turkish Labor Law and its English version are the go-to-sites to find out about the recent changes to the Turkish Labor Law as well as all the fundamentals of the Turkish labor law. You can also subscribe to their bulletin in Turkish or English to receive updates as soon as they are published. 

Net-Brut is a useful site that calculates net salary from the gross salary and vice versa, taking into account compensation and MLA (minimum living allowance) expenses. Employers find this platform very helpful with its one-step-calculation of employer costs and monthly/annual gross salary.

Global Payroll Association

As always Global Payroll Association (GPA) remains the point of reference for payroll professionals working around the world. Its directory of local payroll providers help cater to the individual needs of companies, with expertise in global and in-country payroll, expatriate and payslip management.