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Datassist Human Resources with its leading services in the field takes the management of human resources a step ahead.

Both developing business world and trends of technology- impact of which is growing rapidly-have been experiencing their one of the most organic cooperations in the field of human resources. As a department effecting directly foundations’ management Dynamics, human resources have been planned again with innovative applications and technological infrastructure.

Since the day Datassist was founded, it has been working to raise the accelariton of sectoral development that is being talked about. Work processes developing day by day and meeting in modern standards are getting a fresh definition with the information age motto having been told by Datasisst when it has started the journey.

“Excellent know-how, Excellent solutions.”

Bordrolama Hizmeti
Payroll Services

With globally increasing competition, companies must focus on their core business. Datassist allows just that, with seamless outsourcing services.

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Personel İstihdamı

Companies who would like to keep their costs at a minimum while maximising their efficiency use employment services even for the most specialised positions.

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Correct information is always important. Our correct advice on HR related subjects such as Labor Law, SSI applications, government incentives, wages, personnel affairs and payroll will help optimise your processes.

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İşe Alım

Recruitment is one of the most critical decisions for a company and it must never be made based only on recommendations and assumptions. The future of your company is shaped by recruitment decisions.

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HR and payroll is our expertise. Datassist organises trainings in these fields both for companies and for individuals.

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Denetim ve Risk Analizi
Audit and Risk Analysis

Auditing services will allow you to pinpoint and correct any wrong or misinformed processes in your organization before they turn into a problem.

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Alt İşveren Denetimi
Sub-Contractor Audit

Main and sub-contractors have joint responsibility before the law, and as such any services from sub-contractors present a potential risk. Datassist will help you minimize these risks.

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Yabancı Personel Çalışma İzinleri
Work Permits

Legal processes surrounding work permits can be overly complicated. Datassist handles these application processes in your behalf.

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