Work Permit Consultancy

Undertakes the work permit procedures of foreign employees.

What are the benefits?

Work Permit Consultancy

Performs all legal procedures related to work permits which are very error-prone and complex, also has undergone many changes in Turkey in recent years.

With the experience gained by our expert team for more than 20 years, we manage the application evaluation and follow-up process meticulously and prevent time and financial loss that may arise as a result of processes that are not carefully carried out.

Expert Team

Our dedicated and expert team ensures that the processes are carried out in the correct way.

Effective Process Tracking

Reduces the responsibility of following the preparation and application processes step by step and increases its effectiveness.

Efficiency Increase

Takes the responsibility of all administrative, time-consuming work originating from work permits.
Award-Winning service level

"The Best In-Country Payroll Provider in the World!"

Global Payroll Association recognizes our process and service quality as the “Best In-country Payroll Provider in the World”.

We are also proud of the awards and degrees we have received from many respected institutions:

What did they say?

"An incomparible Customer Experience"

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