Corporate Trainings

Assists payroll teams in remaining up to date and fully equipped to avoid mistakes, penalties, and loss of prestige.

What are the benefits?

Why Corporate Trainings?

A calculation error in payroll puts your company at risk of fines and reputational damage, especially if an incorrect payment is made to employees.

That’s why your payroll team needs to be fully equipped and always up-to-date.

Learn from "The Best"

GPA has selected Datassist as the “World’s Best In-Country Payroll Service” globally. Twice!

From The Team Calculates 1M Payrolls a Year

Hundreds of companies, thousands of cases: Get information straight from the source.

Open or Private Classes

Whether you want to take part in an open class or a closed class tailored to your company.

Stay Up-To-Date

Legislation and practices are constantly changing, make sure you stay up to date.

Improve Your Practice

Eliminate error-related additional work and avoid penalties.

Earn Certificate

Supports your career with participation certificates.
Numbers & Facts

Total number of participants

We hosted thousands of people in our payroll trainings with our experienced team.


Average of participant ratings

We managed to get full points from 95% of them as well.

Award-Winning service level

"The Best In-Country Payroll Provider in the World!"

Global Payroll Association recognizes our process and service quality as the “Best In-country Payroll Provider in the World”.

We are also proud of the awards and degrees we have received from many respected institutions:

What did they say?

"An incomparible Customer Experience"

Integrate the apps your team already use directly into your workflow


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