Undertakes the research, as well as technical and emotional evaluation of the applicants, and directly increases the efficiency.

What are the benefits?

Why Recruitment?

Details are the heart of organizations. Recruitment is the organization’s most critical decision-making point, which should not only be based on recommendations or estimations and should be driven by the largest amount of data available.

Performia® provides datasets on potential performance areas, personality and perceptions of candidates in addition to conventional methods, helping to make more accurate recruitment.

We have been using this approach, which is actively used by 25 countries around the world, for more than 10 years.

Effective Recruitment Processes

Enables the processes to be carried out more successfully.

Detailed Analysis

It reveals detailed data on the personality and abilities of the candidates.

Datassist operates as a Private Employment Agency between 23.08.2021 and 22.08.2024, with the Turkish Employment Agency’s brokerage license dated 24.08.2021 and numbered 31. Pursuant to Law No. 4904, it is forbidden to charge wages from job seekers.

Award-Winning service level

"The Best In-Country Payroll Provider in the World!"

Global Payroll Association recognizes our process and service quality as the “Best In-country Payroll Provider in the World”.

We are also proud of the awards and degrees we have received from many respected institutions:

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"An incomparible Customer Experience"

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