Details are the hearth of every organization. Recruitment is the most vital point in an organision’s decision making. With Datassist, you will rediscover the human factor in Business.

Recruitment decisions will have a direct impact on the future of any organization. For example, while employing an unsuitable manager could stop the workflow and go unnoticced for a long time, the correct talent can positively alter its destiny. Therefore, it can be equally dangerous to completely outsource this department, or to be biased in these decisions.

Whether your recruitment is sourced in-house, or outsourced, it should be drawn from the largest pool of data possible. For over 10 years, Datassist has adopted the Performia method used in over 25 countries around the world. Unlike other recruitment tools in the market, Performia doesn’t only consider the visible aspects of a person such as education, experience, or physical attributes. Instead it looks for an understanding under the surface; the personality, aptitude, present and potential performance of an applicant. When put together with the dynamics of the your workplace, it helps you employ the right people, at the right time, fort he right job.

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