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2019 started as a challenging year with the sudden increase in foreign exchange rates in the summer of 2018 and the impacts of this drastic increase became more and more apparent for businesses in the market. The hike of the minimum wage in the beginning of 2019 further worsened the conditions for employers and employees who got laid off as employers closed shop or downsized. As a direct result, unemployment became a hot topic throughout the year. As we entered 2020, markets seems to have accepted the situation. The newly declared minimum wage aligned with official inflation rate seems to calm the storm for now.


The Long Awaited Topic of Merging Withholding Tax Return and Social Security Declaration

All payroll professionals were simply waiting for a sign to finally see the withholding tax return and premium service declaration to be merged. After years of preparation, the two declarations can be done jointly as of January 2020. This SSI declaration will require a new password, other than the ones used for other tax declarations.

For detailed info about SGK services, contact Datassist Payroll Services at 444 4 923.


As the pioneer of the payroll outsourcing services and award recipient in international payroll space, Datassist continued to share its payroll expertise and know-how via trainings: a total of 7 foundational payroll trainings reached out to more than 100 trainees throughout 2019. For professionals who employ foreign employees, we conducted a specialized training on Social Security and Payroll Practices in the Global Workforce.

With 2 different agendas, a total of 15 Questions Burning Employers events were organized in 8 different cities. The subject of the events shared by the speakers, CEO Umut Özbağcı and CFO-COO Fatih Yıldırım, were the most burning issues of the payroll and human resources, such as Minimum Wage, Concise SGK Merger, New Income Tax Law.

We are excited to offer a new training programme in addition to the Datassist trainings.  Practical Payroll Process Design Training. This programme, will have a completely different scope and focus, with an aim at demystifying the intricacies of the complicated payroll processes from the very beginning to the end. We’re partnering with IDEA Akademi for this unique training which will start in March.