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Purpose of the Training:

As a result of increasing mobility in the workforce, geographic borders are fading away and international labor law is gaining importance.

In the recent past, knowing your country’s legal framework in labor relations, social security, tax and payroll was good enough for an expert in payroll and personnel management. Today, it is critical to know social security agreements between countries and work permit procedures including expat and inpat employment. Furthermore, it is essential to have updated knowledge of the labor law of different countries in the midst of constant change.

Participants Profile:

HR experts who work or intend to work at companies employing foreign personnel or personnel who will work abroad 

Date: 21 November – 22 November
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Venue: Datassist Karaköy Office

  • Tax Legislation Regarding International Workforce Mobility: CPA Prof Dr Emre Burçkin & Ayşe Nazmiye Uça
  • Work permits: Kemal Koçak & CPA Murat Belge
  • Expat – Inpat Payroll Examples: Melis Kara
  • International Workforce Mobility from a Legal Perspective: Prof. Dr. Erdem Özdemir
  • Social Security Legislation Regarding International Workforce Mobility: Prof. Dr. Nurşen Caniklioğlu
For detailed information and registration:
Phone: 444 4 923 (Extension:175)