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Payroll parameters to be implemented in the first half of 2019 are as follows.

Daily Minimum Gross Salary85,28
Monthly Minimum Gross Salary2.558,40
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – MLA Included2.020,91
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – without MLA1.829,03
Daily SSI Premium Earnings Base / Minimum Limit85,28
Daily SSI Premium Earnings Base / Maximum Limit639,60
Monthly SSI Premium Earnings Base / Minimum Limit2.558,40
Monthly SSI Premium Earnings Base / Maximum Limit19.188,00
Child Allowance Exception / SSI (2% of min. wage)51,17
Child Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Over 6)32,65
Child Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Ages 0-6)65,30
Family Allowance Exception / SSI (10% of min. wage)255,84
Daily Meal Allowance Exception / SSI (Cash)5,12
Daıly Meal Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Meal Card)19,00
Private Pension+ Private Health Insurance Premium Exception/ Premium earning base767,52
Taxable Income Bracket /% 150 – 18.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 2018.000 – 40.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 2740.000 – 148.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 35Over  148.000
1st  Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon1.200
2nd Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon650
3rd  Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon290
Severance Payment Limit (Try/Year)6.017,60
Stamp Tax Rate0,00759
MLA (Minimum Living Allowance)
Marital StatusMonthly MLA Amounts
Single/Spouse working + 0 kid₺191,88
Single/Spouse working + 1 kid₺220,66
Single/Spouse working + 2 kids₺249,44
Single/Spouse working + 3 kids₺287,82
Single/Spouse working + 4 kids₺307,01
Single/Spouse working + 5 kids₺326,20
Married + Nonworking Spouse+0 kid₺230,26
Married + Nonworking Spouse+1 kid₺259,04
Married + Nonworking Spouse+2 kids₺287,82
Married + Nonworking Spouse+3 kids₺326,20