The Platform That Works With The Employee

Dakika is a web based personnel management platform that provides self-service payroll calculations in a SaaS model. It doesn’t require any infrastructure investment or licenses.

Monitoring, editing and printing abilities of various sections for end users via self service screens makes our software characteristic be more flexibilty structure in payroll related processes for your companies. With its fully online and self-service structure, Dakika facilitates HR processes such as payroll calculation, vacation, overtime, archive and personnel data management.

Integrates with 3rd Party ERPs

Our platform seamlessly supports HRIS (SuccessFactors, Workday, Peoplesoft), accounting software management (Oracle, SAP, Logo), and various personnel attandence systems

Real-Time Data Visibility and BI

Constantly updated reports on spending allocation, itemized taxes, benefits, and employment costs

Automation with comes zero payroll errors

With automation, human error is taken out of the equation. Get perfect payroll calculations

Reduce the Payroll Process

Take the hard manual work out of payroll. From hiring to termination, you can manage your employees’ all payment calculations & legal declarations from one platform.

Employee Engagement Portal

Keep workers engaged with a portal dedicated to their needs. Workers can view payslips, manage leaves & overtimes, request advances in hierarchical approval mechanism.