Payroll Outsourcing

As the leading payroll outsourcing firm in Turkey, Datassist Payroll Services specializes in customized payroll processing services and acts as a trusted partner for a substantial number of corporate clients of all sizes and industries.

Datassist Payroll Services works seamlessly as an extension of the client company’s HR department, utilizing systematic and scientific methodologies, with regulated and well documented procedures, empowered by its modern technological infrastructure.

Datassist Payroll Services is the only one able to carry out this essential collaboration in Turkey thanks to its technologic infrastructure.

Overview of Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

Data Management

Based on the inputs we receive from you, we maintain monthly payroll processing and keep your master data be updated

Customized Services

We take care of management of advance payments, executions, health report admittance, accrual calculations.

Flexible Reports

Based on the requirements of your employees and management, we offer you various output reports

Government Incentıves

Checking and find out the government incentives that your company to uncover hidden advantages in Payroll costs.

Legal Declarations

We prepare and submit all statutory declarations with government authorities, as required.

Online Self Service HR

Providing leave, expense management and other online soft HR toold support and ease your HR activities