Government Incentives Consultancy

Government incentives is a technical area that requires know-how and intricate details that can be overlooked by non-expert eyes. Datassist team identifies the most suitable incentive for the specific client needs.

Datassist provides an unparalleled consulting service in government incentives, through in-depth analysis of all Social Security Institution’s incentives and matching system, based on the in-house Incentives Calculation Software developed in 2011.  Staff incentive lists, which vary on the company’s monthly accruals, are reported to the client with incentive returns, in a timely, error-free, secure and up-to-date manner.

Actual Government incentives that your company benefits from by Datassist Payroll Services’ service;

For the employers who create additional employment, a certain amount of the insurance premium (34.5%) is covered by dedicated funds for this incentive


An incentive application providing an additional 6% discount over the existing 5% in economically underdeveloped provinces, as of the law dated 01/01/2013


This incentive covers 100% of the employer’s cost at the minimum wage level for the personnel employed after the on-the-job training program


All of the employer’s share premiums in certain sectors are covered for the insured hired and covered between the dates 01.01.2018 and 31.12.2020