Goverment Incentives Consultancy

Government Incentives Consultancy is a process that requires know-how, laborious and contains details that can be overlooked when not followed by the expert. It must be managed professionally to identify the most accurate and most beneficial incentive for you.

With the Incentive Calculation Program developed with our own technological infrastructure, we analyze the situations of all SSI incentives implemented since 2011. Your company’s staff incentive lists, which show variability in your monthly accruals, are reported to you with a fast, error-free, secure, up-to-date by declaring incentive returns.

Actual Governments incentives that your company benefits from by Datassist Payroll Services’ service;

It is the incentive that certain parts of the insurance premiums, which are 34.5% of the employers who create additional employment, are covered by the funds.


An incentive application providing an additional 6% discount over the existing 5% in economically underdeveloped provinces, per law dated 01/01/2013.


This law that meets 100% of the employer’s cost at the minimum wage level for the personnel employed after the On-the-Job Training Program.


All of the employer’s share premiums in certain sectors are covered for the insured hired and covered between the dates 01.01.2018 and 31.12.2020.