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Payroll Outsourcing

As the leading payroll outsourcing firm in Turkey, Datassist Payroll Services specializes in payroll processing and acts as a trusted partner for a substantial number of corporate clients.

Payroll & Legal Compliance

Payroll compliance audit is a review of the employer’s payroll records to determine whether the employer is in compliance with the Social Security Institution’s terms in regard to correct payroll methods.

Payroll Professionals Staffing

If you have trouble finding the right personnel to run your payroll operations, Datassist has a solution for you. You can engage one of the Certified Payroll Experts who have successfully completed the Datassist Payroll training.

Work Permit Consulting

Work permits entail complicated legal processes. Datassist effectively manages work permit processes for its clients’ foreign employees.

Payroll Employer Organization

Datassist’s PEO solution delivers expert co-employment services that enable clients to focus on their core business without dealing with administrative tasks and legal issues.

Goverment Incentives Consulting

Datassist provides an unparalleled consulting service in government incentives, through in-depth analysis of all Social Security Institution’s incentives and matching system, based on the in-house Incentives Calculation Software developed in 2011.

Corporate Training

Datassist aims at training your payroll professionals who thrive to make no error. Payroll errors can be penalized by government fines and jeopardize your company’s reputation.

Payroll SaaS

Dakika is a web based personnel management platform that provides self-service payroll calculations in a SaaS model. Payroll SaaS does not require any infrastructure investment on the client slide.

Social Security Consulting

Datassist’s expert team closely follows the changing social security legislations and applications, and gives regular updates to its clients.


Recruitment is one of the most important decisions of any company. With Datassist Payroll Services, your company will rediscover the human factor in business by recruiting the right candidate for the right job.