Excellent Know-how, Excellent Solutions

In a customer survey we have conducted, we asked our clients why they prefer us. The majority response was that we had the know-how in the social security and payroll fields and they trust us on how we share this knowledge.

Accordingly, we decided to change our motto to “Excellent Know-How, Excellent Solutions”. It makes us happy to provide our accumulated know-how to our clients and to aim for service excellence blended with technology.

While doing an excellent job is the biggest satisfaction, a reward is always a nice surprise and encourages us to do even better.


Global Payroll Association 

Winner – 2018 In-Country Payroll Provider

Winner – 2020 In-Country Payroll Provider

Global Payroll Association 

Finalist – 2019 In-Country Payroll Provider

Finalist – 2019 Payroll Specialist of the Year

Finalist – 2020 GPA Outstanding Award

Finalist – 2020 Professional Employment Organisation of the Year

The Rewards

Finalist – 2018 Best Business Award