Business World, which is complicating day by day with the parameters such as increased competition, globalization, cost advantage, the obligation to reach a higher quality of product and service, creating new methods to adapt to these conditions. Employment Service is one of these methods.

The institutions that direct their resources to be the best in these areas by concentrating on the main areas of activity, analyzes the other business functions by getting

services of experts.

The Employment Service adapts to the needs of the day going beyond the longstanding requests forperiodic staff recruitment which does not require special expertise such as data entry operator, the temporary secretary or the interviewer. Now companies seeking rather than periodic secretary or accounting staff; they prefer the staff which employed by Personnel Employment Service for the critical tasks in organizations such as specialize in certain areas, fleets of field sales, call center, customer representatives, IT Project groups.

Datassist meets all needs for labor employment of companies with its specialized staff. By creating specialist staff that clients need as soon as possible, Datassist enables to start them in target time. Thus, the companies is going to have both an organization that is able to control all costs and would be away from the all risks which will arised from employment within organization.

Datassist serves to minimize the all additional costs and workload resulting from the employment; also provides the traceability of personnel costs on a Project-department basis.

How does Personnel Employment Process Proceed?

  • Clients who want to perform the labor employment will give the information of personnel in needed staff as well as the quantity, quality, work start date, the expiration date of the Project to Datassist.
  • Datassist starts the proposal process carrying out a cost analysis in consideration of the information given before.
  • Agreement on proposal conditions and the frame of work to be performed is fixed by the contract.
  • The search and selection activities of recruitment of demanded staff is conducted by Datassist Recruitment specialists or Client.
  • Suitable candidates for employer, start working hiring by Datassist the way legal procedures to be carried out by Datassist.
  • Client send the absence and progress information of the hired personnel to Datassist in the terms of payment.
  • The Payrolls was prepared in the light of information is billed after obtaining approval by the client.
  • Following the payment of the amount of the customer’s bill, salary is transferred to the account of the relevant personnel.

In the scope of this service, Companies can transfer employees who is be planned to be hired with the indefinate contract to the Datassist if they wish. Thus, notwithstanding any time period in workplace asmentioned, employees planned to work continuously take place in the status of Datassist’s staff.

Thus Datassist ;

  • Makes the costs traceable on the basis of project and department,
  • Provides tailor-made solutions,
  • Helps building a realistic business plans,
  • Ensures economic savings minimizing costs,
  • Eliminates bureaucratic procedures,
  • Makes way for clients to make them concentrate on their main area of activity by taking on tasks like setting up a workflow away from risks.
Datassist is a founding member of The Association of Private Employment Agencies.

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