Think Globally, Act Locally

“Think Globally, Act Locally” is a famous phrase, first coined by US environmentalists in the 1970s, which at the time specifically pointed out individual responsibilities of every person, community and nation for the large scale environmental change to happen. In other words, if we simply donate money to save wildlife in the oceans, but litter when going to camp with our family, our thinking and acting don’t align much in local and global terms, and by our actions, we don’t, in fact, contribute to the environmental change we’d like to philosophically be a part of. Continue reading “Think Globally, Act Locally”

2019 Payroll Parameters

Payroll parameters to be implemented in the first half of 2019 are as follows.


Daily Minimum Gross Salary 85,28
Monthly Minimum Gross Salary 2.558,40
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – MLA Included 2.020,91
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – without MLA 1.829,03
Daily SSI Premium Earnings Base / Minimum Limit 85,28
Daily SSI Premium Earnings Base / Maximum Limit 639,60
Monthly SSI Premium Earnings Base / Minimum Limit 2.558,40
Monthly SSI Premium Earnings Base / Maximum Limit 19.188,00
Child Allowance Exception / SSI (2% of min. wage) 51,17
Child Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Over 6) 32,65
Child Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Ages 0-6) 65,30
Family Allowance Exception / SSI (10% of min. wage) 255,84
Daily Meal Allowance Exception / SSI (Cash) 5,12
Daıly Meal Allowance Exception/Income Tax (Meal Card) 19,00
Private Pension+ Private Health Insurance Premium Exception/ Premium earning base 767,52
Taxable Income Bracket /% 15 0 – 18.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 20 18.000 – 40.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 27 40.000 – 148.000
Taxable Income Bracket /% 35 Over  148.000
1st  Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon 1.200
2nd Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon 650
3rd  Grade Disability Income Tax Reductıon 290
Severance Payment Limit (Try/Year) 6.017,60
Stamp Tax Rate 0,00759


MLA (Minimum Living Allowance)
Marital Status Monthly MLA Amounts
Single/Spouse working + 0 kid ₺191,88
Single/Spouse working + 1 kid ₺220,66
Single/Spouse working + 2 kids ₺249,44
Single/Spouse working + 3 kids ₺287,82
Single/Spouse working + 4 kids ₺307,01
Single/Spouse working + 5 kids ₺326,20
Married + Nonworking Spouse+0 kid ₺230,26
Married + Nonworking Spouse+1 kid ₺259,04
Married + Nonworking Spouse+2 kids ₺287,82
Married + Nonworking Spouse+3 kids ₺326,20

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